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Apr 14, 2014

Bunny Snuggles

Apr 12, 2014

House bound

A week of the chickenpox and the rainy weather has seen us pretty much house bound. Cancelled appts and music lessons etc meant more time for sewing and playing.

I saved some roses from the rain before they were too spoilt.

Back to basics, piecing a quilt with the first pattern I learnt 15 years ago.

Green smoothies are hopefully helping to keep the germs and bay and they taste good too!

Soft and snuggly baby blanket - I used fleece on the back for the first time.

A cushion order.... I could have easily kept these!

Apr 7, 2014

April is here

Another rainy week has gone, the leaves are well and truly turning now and the mornings are feeling suspiciously like winter is on its way!
Has this craze hit your house too? I'm finding little bands everywhere but the kids are having lots of fun creating all sorts of uses for lengths of rubber bands!
And the sewing continues.....

Mar 28, 2014

Almost a month

Well here I am again after almost a month... time does get away.

We found a free Saturday for a quick trip to the coast. We saw about 30 dolphins swim by the beach but unfortunately I'd left my good camera in the car. 

Some more painting.. this time on the shutters that have been waiting in the shed for a while... not sure if they are quite how I imagined, but I can still tweak them while on the wall!

Easter stock orders

Starting a big quilt... 

and starting a small quilt

Cute hair ties from some scraps

A trip here with the boy, and inspired to read Biggles again

A secondhand jug find with roses from the garden

Mar 3, 2014


A couple of photos I took using the waterlogue app today.. I think this just might be more fun than instagram. 
I finally painted the old iron panel from my Grandma's that has been sitting here for more than two years untouched. I think it looks lovely beside the front window in a pale 'Antibes Green'. I'd like to grow something on it but not cover all the detail, if that's even possible. 

Feb 28, 2014

Feb wrap up

Well it's not really the beginning of the year anymore, or the start of school term. The leaves are turning and today was very cool. (not looking forward to autumn and winter at all!) 
This week felt a bit all over the place but I did get some orders finished and out the door. Hopefully next week will involve some furniture painting! I've got some new colours to try out.

I had a go at machine piecing hexagons and must say it was much faster and easier than hand-stitching them!

Feb 19, 2014

Mid week

Mid week finds us splashing about in the wet. Lots of rain this afternoon, about 65mm in a bit over an hour. The pond was well and truly overflowing.

Someone was a little more 'traditionally romantic" than I thought :-)

More sewing ...

and also some relaxing. I've been adding some colour and changing the deck furniture. Still a few more idea's up my sleeve for this project and then the next one to tackle is the study.