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Jan 8, 2014

At home

Holidays at home always lead to redecorating and painting for me.
I have finally finished the final coat on this cupboard I started back in August. 
I'm really happy with it - such an improvement on the orange wood colour.
I think this bunch of hydrangeas will be the last until next year . :-(

Inevitably walls end up getting a coat of paint too. This time it was the lounge and dining area. Nice and fresh with white on the walls and new curtains and rods also. The window frame had a lick of paint too and transformed from the orange wood to a nice grey.  ( still some curtain hemming to do but I'm having a nice break from sewing and the pins are working just fine for the short term!)

Before the end of the year I finished off the kids quilts and got them professionally quilted. My machine and back really don't agree with quilting a king single size quilt. 
This one is for the boy and was very well received. Anything with cheetahs on it always is.

And this happy one for little Miss.

I've backed it with some fabric from her Great Great Grandma's glory box. She is almost as sentimental as I am so she was very pleased with her quilt and want to sleep with it on her cheek so she could 'feel close to Great Great Grandma cause I never got to meet her'. 

A dream catcher has also been on her 'want' list for a while, so I found some time last week to make this pretty addition to her room.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - everything looks so pretty! I wish I had your penchant for painting!! I could do with a fresh coat and some patching up!